The Best And Most Affordable Cars On The Market Right Now


In a perfect world, we would be able to finance the car of our dreams in a matter of seconds. No one would need to settle for a car that they don’t like because we would all have the money in our bank accounts. Snap back to the real world and the reality is completely different. Most owners never own the car they dream about because they don’t have the means of finance to be able to afford the purchase. That might be a sad indictment,  but it is a way of life, and something everyone has to deal with. Although, there is a way to deal with it better than most. You can always find a car that is quality and affordable at the same time!

Toyota Prius MK2

You might already have heard of the Prius. A few years back,Toyota decided to try and make the world’s first hybrid car, and the Prius was the result of their creation. Now, it is seen as one of the best cars on the market because of the hybrid engine that is uses. The mix of petrol and electric allows you to conserve the engine because you can use the smoother electric option most of the time. As a result, the car lasts for longer and still drives like a dream. Plus, you will save a lot of money on petrol, as well as saving the environment!

Ford Fiesta

In Britain, the Ford Fiesta is Britain’s best-selling car, which goes to show how good the car is. Brits love their cars, but they prefer the ‘subtle’ and ‘more sophisticated’ European versions. American cars are too powerful and not properly manufactured, except for the Fiesta. Not only does it have great suspension and handling, it only costs around £15,000 brand new. Where cars are concerned, that is a bargain.



Volkswagen Golf

Golfs are also one of the fastest and biggest-selling cars in Europe. Basically, they are Europe what the Fiesta is to America. They have great handling and agility, they are incredibly comfortable, and to round it off they cost less than £20,000 brand new. If that is still not within your budget, you can find them for under £10,000 second-hand. Where most cars are concerned, the term second-hand starts alarm bells ringing. However, with Volkswagen that is not a problem because they are so reliable. It is German engineering after all!

Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 has to be one of the cheapest cars on the market as some have been known to go for less than £3,000. That is dirt cheap, and not even the above can compete with that price. Plus, the S60 is a stylish car that is as reliable as a Toyota or a Volkswagen. Volvos might not have the same level of performance as the above, but they make up for that in safety terms. For decades, Volvo has been the buzzword for safety in the car industry, and £3,000 seems like a cheap amount to pay for your safety.

Do you still think that it is impossible to find a quality car at an affordable rate?