The Best Executive Cars On The Road


What do you look for in an executive car? Well, ideally, you’re looking for a comfortable driving experience. The ability to devour motorway miles in style and comfort. You’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish design. Executive cars are typically used as company cars, so you want to arrive looking the part. You’re also looking for reliability and great mileage, as these cars rack up the long miles quickly. So, what are the very best cars on the road that satisfy these criteria? Let’s take a look.

BMW 3 Series

BMW tend to dominate the executive car range. The German engineers know how to build a reliable, sophisticated vehicle, and the 3 Series is top of the class. It’s the most popular of BMW’s range...

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The Holy Trinity Of Keeping Your Car In Great Condition


It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a sports car, SUV, or a Skoda from the 1970s, if you look after your car, it will keep going for many years. It’s the most cost-effective way of driving, too. The longer you keep your vehicle on the road, the less you will have to spend on replacing it. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through the holy trinity of keeping your car in great condition. It’s just three simple things that you can do – and they are easier than you might think. Read on to find out more.



Know your vehicle

It’s amazing that so many people drive cars, yet no so little about them. When you think about the investment people make, it’s even more astonishing. Sure, there are complicated mechanics at work...

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How To Deal With Large And Unexpected Car Repairs


There’s no denying that today’s cars are far more reliable than ones built some decades ago. They can go for longer between oil changes, and their parts are better engineered. But, despite those facts, issues can occur with today’s modern vehicles.

There’s no guarantee that even the best cars will experience no major mechanical woes. It’s something that we never hope happens to us, but sometimes it can. And when we get an eye-popping repair bill, the fact gets brought home to us.


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So, what do you do when you’ve got to pay a lot of money for a car repair? Here’s how you deal with such situations:

Ask plenty of questions

First of all, you need to understand why you’re expected to pay such expensive repair costs...

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First Look: The All-New Jaguar XE Saloon


One of 2015’s hottest new executive cars to hit the market is, without a doubt, the Jaguar XE. The new model is Britain’s answer to the BMW 5 Series and Audi A4.

There is a selection of power plants to suit all needs, include a 2.0 diesel aimed at company car drivers. The Jaguar XE also offers an engine that outputs just 99g/km of CO2 emissions! As you can imagine, Jaguar is taking great strides to offer eco-friendly, premium vehicles.

One can’t help but notice the Jaguar XE’s stunning curves and contours. It also has “that” familiar Jaguar front-end stance. There’s no denying this car is the epitome of British vehicle engineering!


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A positive thing to note about the new Jaguar XE is its pricing. Brand new, the car is affordable even to those on a tight budget...

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Amazing Reasons You Should Go Online to Purchase Your Next Car


Like many people you might have gotten to that stage in your life where you’re ready to buy a car. This might be your first vehicle, or it could be to replace your existing one. Either way, you’re in for a rocky ride. It can be stressful and daunting trying to find the right kind of car to buy. And often it’s difficult to make time with our hectic daily schedules.

Well, this is where salvation comes in the form of the internet. You’ll have noticed that over the last decade more and more things have become digital. So now is the time to embrace the internet as the perfect car buying tool. And here are some commanding reasons why.

Vast Selection

The first thing you should note about car shopping online is the vast selection they have...

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